About us | Pixellito - Optimization & Prediction Platform

Who are we?

Pixellito.com is powered by Omniloom Ltd, an Israeli software and technology company, specializing in cutting edge solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Pixellito was created with the sole purpose of making life easier for online marketers. The variety of targeting options, together with its intuitive interface, makes Pixellito the #1 choice for online advertising.

Our vast knowledge in online advertising is implemented in the foundation of Pixellito, making it the best self-serve platform for advertisers. Our smart technology helps advertisers find the right bid, combined with the exact targeting options, helping you maximize the full potential of your campaign. We know what advertisers want, and that is what we deliver.

We put a lot of effort and resources into making Pixellito the fastest platform in the market. Our advanced tracking system allows you to monitor and optimize your campaigns in real time, so you will be in full control of your campaigns' performance. We are control freaks, so we gave you all the tools to become one as well.